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TMJ/TMD Disorders

The temporomandibular joint is known as the TMJ. However, most patients refer to the pain and symptoms associated with the joint and its muscles as TMJ disorder (or TMJ, TMJD, or TMD).

This disorder is characterized by numerous symptoms; these symptoms can impact sleep, general comfort and, in some cases, symptoms can be so severe that they impact everyday life. Sleep disturbances are a common manifestation of TMJ, as the joint's position also can impede the airway. In addition, patients who are diagnosed with TMJ could suffer from headaches that radiate to the cheek and jaw. The most common symptom of TMJ disorder, though, is jaw pain or pain in the front of the ear.

The TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre of St. Louis offers therapies and treatments that address the underlying cause of TMJ disorders. Dr. Frith explains to each patient the best care plan and treatment protocols to resolve their pain and alleviate their symptoms. Patients also will be provided with cost estimates to better understand the financial obligations related to their care plan.

I visual representation of Sleep apnea and TMJ symptoms of a man having trouble or health concerns while sleeping.
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