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A TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre of St. Louis patient experiencing great sleep after their diagnosis and treatment.

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How to Fix TMJ and Alleviate Jaw Pain

Updated: Apr 17

Jaw pain treatments by The TMJ and Sleep Centre of St. Louis

The temporomandibular joint (aka TMJ) should not cause pain. However, individuals who suffer from TMJ disorder experience jaw pain, headaches and even sleep disturbances related to their joint condition.

Many patients suffer in silence or they mask their jaw pain with over-the-counter pain relievers. Some seek treatment only to discover that the solution merely focuses on minimizing their pain and discomfort without fixing the origin of their symptoms. Is there a permanent cure for TMJ?

At the TMJ and Sleep Centre of St. Louis, treatment for TMJ disorder addresses curing the condition. Learn how Dr. Frith and the team provide patients with permanent pain relief and cure this disorder.

How to Treat TMJ

There are many ways that doctors and dentists treat TMJ. However, not all of these treatments focus on curing the disorder. Some only address the pain. Dr. Frith believes in healing the source of the pain to remediate the condition.

At The TMJ and Sleep Centre of St. Louis, patients receive a personalized consultation to ensure that Dr. Frith learns the symptoms and concerns for each individual. Treatment plans involve fitting the patient with a customized appliance that is designed to correctly position the jaw and remove pressure and pain from the joint.

Patients receive an appliance for daytime and another for sleeping. The daytime appliance helps to reposition the jaw, while the nighttime appliance keeps the jaw in alignment while sleeping and facilitates healing.

The length of the treatment depends on each case. However, most patients only require about three to six months of treatment.

Dr. Frith also integrates Healing Laser therapies to alleviate pain and promote healing. SPG Blocks and Nightlase therapy also can be utilized to soothe headaches related to TMJ disorders.Some TMJ treatments also work to resolve breathing issues.

Jaw pain treatments by The TMJ and Sleep Centre of St. Louis

Can TMJ Go Away on Its Own?

Patients might wonder if they can just ignore their condition. In time, does TMJ resolve on its own? For some individuals, TMJ symptoms may resolve without intervention. For others, though, the joint will not heal properly without treatment. While patients can take medication to relieve the pain, this only masks the condition. For those who have experienced long-term pain, an accurate diagnosis is crucial to receiving the proper treatment.

What Happens if TMJ is Left Untreated?

Some patients might discover that their TMJ pain heals without intervention. For those who continue to suffer with jaw pain and other symptoms, neglecting treatment could lead to other health issues. Pain and discomfort could impact sleep, and headaches might interfere with work and daily habits.

Instead of ignoring TMJ symptoms or hoping that they disappear without intervention, consult experts who can help treat and cure the condition. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Frith at The TMJ and Sleep Centre of St. Louis today.


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